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Swatch is presenting you Rockin’ Beauty, extraordinary attractive new collection from Swatch Bijoux. As a part from Preview collection, these elegant models give transforming power to the woman. It is designed to inspire the creativity, to stimulate the sense for fashion and to create the woman’s unique appearance.


The woman that dares to wear this collection has attitude and is ready to "rock" the life. The Rockin’ Beauty transformer offers chains in different colours and combinations. The Pendant has two groups of four chains connected with PVD rings from steel and yellow gold. The Bracelet is formed in identical way, with several chains that can be transformed into two bracelets. Even the Ring can be separated and you can have two different smaller rings: ring with chain from steel and one with PVD yellow gold.  This collection is completed with Earrings made from chains from steel and yellow gold, all in different lengths.